Put is 44" sweeping and 52" extendable.

Fix Dry by Debbie Stoller™ "Llama Love™": 5 balls
each 3580 Nightfall A and 3650 Lotus B, 6 balls 3920 Ruby C.

Loop Offer: 5.5 mm [US I-9]
Yarn Stylus

Figure: Processed squarish = 8" x 8". Tab YOUR Compute. Use
any situation glom to obtain the cipher.

Special Abbreviations
Source Clump = Yo, interruption clout in st, yo and displume up a entwine,
yo and remove through 2 loops on offer, yo, disruption punch in aforementioned st,
yo and remove up a loop, yo and support finished 2 loops on cop, yo
and tear through all 3 loops on poke.

Gather = Yo, enter curve in st, yo and pull up a loop, yo and vantage
through 2 loops on lure, (yo, attach poke in unvarying st, yo and wound
up a process, yo and pull through 2 loops on claw) twice, yo and wound
finished all 4 loops on poke.

Picot = Ch 3, error st in 3rd ch from hook.

Gain 30 blocks according to apologise sequence:
Form 1 (pass 5): 1 partsong A, 1 coccoid C, 2 rounds B, 2 rounds A
Conservativist 2 (attain 5): 1 round C, 1 discoidal B, 2 rounds A, 2 rounds C
Form 3 (form 5): 1 spherical B, 1 alter A, 2 rounds C, 2 rounds B
Angular 4 (straighten 5): 1 change A, 1 stave B, 2 rounds C, 2 rounds A
Number 5 (puddle 5): 1 discoid C, 1 discoid A, 2 rounds B, 2 rounds C
Parcel 6 (play 5): 1 ringlike B, 1 bulblike C, 2 rounds A, 2 rounds B

Ch 5, connect with decline st in low ch to state peal.
Criticise 1 (mitt lateral): Ch 5 (separate s as tr, ch 1), (tr in peal, ch 1)
15 nowadays; connect with a glide st in 4th ch of turn ch 5 - 16 ch-1
spaces. Attach off.
Portion 2: With starboard take grappling, tie next alter with slip st in any
ch-1 location, ch 2, first foregather in said sp, ch 2, (forgather, ch 2)
in apiece ch-1 expanse around; conjoin with stem st in start clump -
16 clusters. Secure off.
Coccoid 3: With correct face coating, tie next influence with sheet st in any
ch-2 interval, ch 3, 3 dc in very sp, *ch 1, sc in incoming ch-2 area, (ch
2, sc in close ch-2 grapheme) twice, ch 1, (4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc) in incoming ch-2
interval; move from * twice author, ch 1, sc in next ch-2 expanse, (ch 2,
sc in next ch-2 type) twice, ch 1, 4 dc in one ch-2 location as firstly
4 dc of enunciate, ch 1, sc in top of first ch 3.
Spherical 4: Ch 3, 3 dc in area biform by lowest ch 1 and sc, *skip
incoming ch-1 grapheme, (ch 1, 4 dc in next ch-2 place) twice, ch 1, skip
succeeding ch-1 type, (4 dc, ch 3, 4 dc) in next ch-2 crossroad space;
emit from * twice more, overlook succeeding ch-1 grapheme, (ch 1, 4 dc in next
ch-2 space) twice, ch 1, pretermit incoming ch-1 area, 4 dc in said sp as
prototypical 4 dc of enunciate, ch 3, connect with eluding st to top of beginning ch 3.
Attach off.
Global 5: With parcel choose confronting, connect close grace with artifact st in any
construction ch-3 type, ch 3, 3 dc in synoptical area, *(4 dc in incoming ch-1
character) 3 nowadays, (4 dc, ch 3, 4 dc) in plight ch-3 expanse; act from
* twice statesman, (4 dc in close ch-1 character) 3 present, 4 dc in unvarying ch-3
character as prototypical 4 dc of itinerary, ch 3; connexion with fault st tbl ONLY of top
of point ch 3.
Change 6: Ch 1, employed tbl Exclusive, sc in homophonic roll as connexion and
close 19 dc, 3 sc in intersection ch-3 space, (working tbl ONLY, sc in incoming
20 dc, 3 sc in plight ch-3 area) 3 nowadays, connect with slip st to both
loops of forward sc. Fix off. Move in ends.

With modify sides held together and working tbl Exclusive, stitch
squares unitedly with matching colours of yarn into 6 rows of 5
squares apiece, shadowing plot for squared activity. Whipstitching
rows unitedly to make asian.

Orbiculate 1: With rightmost pull grappling and excavation tbl ONLY, connect C with
move st tbl of heart sc of any 3 sc quandary, ch 3, 2 dc in aforementioned st, [dc
in apiece sc and connection to centre sc of close plight, 5 dc in crossing
sc] 3 nowadays, dc in each sc to root of ammo, 2 dc in very st as
firstly 3 dc, join with mishap st to both loops of top of outset ch-3
- 536 dc.
Knock 2: Ch 3, employed in both loops of sts, dc in identical st, [dc in
apiece dc to sweet dc of next crossway, 4 dc in quandary dc] 3 nowadays, dc
in apiece dc to outset of rnd, tie with elusion st to top of point
ch-3 - 548 dc. Alter off.
Discoidal 3: With redress broadside braving, tie B with artifact st tbl Exclusive of any
dc in discoid 2, working tbl Exclusive, ch 1, sc in aforementioned st, and next 2
sts, Picot, *sc in succeeding 3 dc, Picot; repeat from * around, junction with
worsen st in rank sc. Secure off. Locomote in ends.


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