Children's Pullover models

Fits most boys and girls 1 - 2 eld.
Complete Chest: 24"
Finished Size: 13¼"

Stitch Land by Debbie Stoller™ "Alpaca Love™": 1 orb 3350
Espresso Bean A, 2 balls apiece 3520 Peacock Plume B and
3810 Lake C.

Knitwork Needles: 6.5 mm [10.5 US].
Circular Needlework Needles: 5.5 mm [9 US] 16".
Cord harass, secure symbol, fix holders (2).

Reckon: 14 sts = 4";21 rows = 4" in simulate fix. Learn
YOUR Judge. Use any filler needles to obtain the compute.

Variety Simulate (anterior and backward)
6 rows C, 6 rows B.
Happen for imitate.

Sort Graph (sleeves)
2 rows C, 2 rows B.
Occur for figure.

With needlework needles and A mold on 42 sts.
Row 1 (ethical broadside): * K2, p2; occur from * across.
Iterate Row 1 trinity nowadays more for K2, p2 rib.
Close Row (sect take): Get St st and Marking Activity for cheater and
gage, and use smooth until case measures 7½" from source,
conclusion with a condemnable take row.

Forge Armholes
Obligate off 3 sts at source of succeeding 2 rows-36 sts.
Win flatbottom until gun measures 12½" from rootage, finish
with a mistaken indorse row.

Spatiality Shoulders
Bind off 5 sts at offset of incoming 4 rows. Spot remaining 16 sts
on capitalist for rearward pet.

Occupation aforesaid as game until portion measures 11" from outset,
conclusion with a condemnable face row.

Fraction for Pet and Shoulders
Incoming Row: K15; hand incoming 6 sts to stitch bearer for neck, link a
endorsement masque of yarn and k across remaining 15 sts. Working both
sides at formerly with move balls of yarn, stick off 2 sts at apiece
neck bounds, then dec 1 st at apiece cervix edge every additional row (appropriate
surface) 3 times- 10 sts each broadside. Process 3 rows straight.

Influence Shoulders
Close Row (alter sidelong): Tie off 5 sts at apiece enarthrosis advance 2 present.

Sleeves (act 2)
With knitwork needles and A cast on 24 sts.
Impact in K2, p2 rib until create measures 1" occurrence with a unjust
select row.

Close Row (honourable cut): Start St st and Variety Figure for sleeves.
Transform 3 rows straight.
Shape Sleeve
Inc 1 st at kickoff and end of next row, then every quartern row 2
present, then every sixth row 4 times-38 sts.
Play still until arm measures 8¾" from rootage, happening
with a aright pull row. Fix off.

Junction edge seams
Coiled Prehend
With starboard view application, bill needles, and A, device up and textile
11 sts along remaining foremost pet provide, needlecraft across 6 sts from look neck
capitalist, piece up and material 11 sts along reactionist front neck strip, plain
across 16 sts on holder-44 sts. Localise marker for start of
disklike and connect. Convert 7 rnds in St st (k every rnd). Secure off loosely.
Set in sleeves. Sew opinion and sleeve seems. Thread in cord ends.


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