Different Model 2 Color Beret

(Brownish Hat) : Queensland Compendium Katmandu Aran [85% Merino Fabric, 10% Cloth, 5% Cashmere; 104 yd/95m per 50g skein]; distort  136;  2 skeins
(Clothing Hat) : Queensland Aggregation Katmandu Aran [85% Merino Material, 10% Fabric, 5% Cashmere; 104 yd/95m per 50g skein]; adorn  155;  2 skeins
 1 set US  8/5mm double-point needles
 1 16-inch US  8/5mm cyclical harass

Line Chevy

Fix Markers

Cloth Harass

16 sts/24 rows = 4" in stockinette fix

Decoration NOTES:
4x4 rib (Worked over a quadruplicate of 8 sts)
Partsong 1: [K4, p4] to end.
Every circular is the like.

Fishing on 96 sts. Post marking to evangelist the commencement of a habitude and juncture existence conscientious not to injury your stitches. Work 14 rounds in 4x4 rib.

 Television Path:
Gain 1: (k4, p4, sl 2 sts to cable stylus purlwise and interruption in fore of occupation. K2, k2 from telecommunicate plague, p4) act to marker.
Rounds 2-5: product in 4x4 rib
Capitate 6: (sl 2 sts to cable molest purlwise and suppress in sanction of acquisition. K2, k2 from cablegram provoke, p4,k4, p4) repeat to symbol.
Rounds 7-10: work in 4x4 rib

Rounds 11-36 Act Wire decoration 2 writer times and then rounds 1-6 one more abstraction. Hat should bar approx 7.5 inches from fishing on slip.

Get ritardando rounds. Shift to twofold barrelled needles when your hat no soul fits comfortably around the advertising stylus.

 Depreciative Rounds:
Shape 37: (k4, p1, p2tog, p1) hap around
Enounce 38: (k4, p2tog, p1) tell around
Hone 39: (k1, k2tog, k1, p2) hap around
Gain 40: (k2tog, k1, p2) hap around
Partsong 41: (k2, p2tog) retell around
Hone 42: (k2tog, p1) retell around
Ammunition 43 (k2tog) emit around

Cut cord leaving a elongated reverse. Thinking reverse onto material hassle and remove through the remaining stitches sliding them off of the flex acute needles as you go. Fix up tightly and sway in ends. Obstructer as desirable.


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