Male Scarf Pattern



This was prefab using Knitty's Binary itinerary by Christine Dumoulin.

After doing the position half and deed into a morality prosody with the figure (I did precise characters spelling out Hump in ASCII), I constitute that doing the upside-down ones were pesky. So after a few rows of those, I skint the cord and started again accomplishment up from the different view, thinking to kitchener them unitedly, but since that was creating a half-stitch jog in the graph, instead I did an inside-out three-needle-bindoff to put them together.

The termination is that there's a little fold where the pieces are put together, so it's not overnice and unperceivable like kitchener, but you can hardly see it so it's alright. If I did it again, I'd do each half separately so the rumple would be at the stake in the midsection rather than more provable on one side.

My spouse likes the scarf but finds it a bit too close to strip wrapped around freely, so it's unsurpassable when used tucked into a jacket, which unfortunately would conceal the decoration touch.


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