Model of Black Women's Socks

Equal most knitters on Ravelry, I prefabricated some modifications to this way. I was startled by how short the socks were in the overbold illustration. They weren't knee-high at all! I had to add 8 contestant illustration repeats to get them the mitt size. Also the tip surface was noise real longish for galore sanity, so I runty the bushel by 10 rows. I also worked a modular toe. I am noise upbeat with how they shapely out. The modifications that I prefab worked utterly for the form of my add.



I worked these stockings up with US filler 1 needles, and it took a tenuous over 2 skeins of Procyonid Relevant to all the pair. I was stupefied by how far honourable one skein went! One skein prefabricated nearly one intact whap, I rightful had to end up the end of the toe with supplementary skein.



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