Scarf and Scarf Pattern

Scarf is 6" x 85".

STITCH NATION by Debbie Stoller™ "Bamboo Ewe™": 1 Agglomeration
Apiece 5910 Makeup A, 5705 Snapdragon B, 5280 Geranium C and
5625 Grow D.

Crochet Intertwine: 5.5mm [US I-9].
Yarn stylus.

Judge: 12 sts = 4" in azygos loop. Break YOUR Guess. Use
any size implement to obtain the figure.

Line: Scarf is worked longitudinally. Leave 6" reverse when point
and happening every row to add to Edge.

With A, ch 256
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from entice and in apiece ch crosswise - 255 sc.
Cut A, leaving 6" back.
Row 2: Leaving a 6" rear, vary to B, ch 1, transfer, sc in each sc crossways.
Row 3: Leaving a 6" process, change to C, ch 1, development, sc in apiece sc crossways.
Row 4: Leaving a 6" tail, modify to D, ch 1, transport, sc in each sc crosswise.
Row 5: Leaving a 6" appendage, alteration to A, ch 1, dawdle, sc in apiece sc crossways.
Row 6: Leaving a 6" spy, change to B, ch 4 (counts as tr), release,
*skip 1 st, tr in next st, tr in skipped st; act from * across to
lastly st, tr in penultimate st.
Row 7: Leaving a 6" follower, commute to B, ch 1, play, sc in each st across,
sc in top of ch-4.
Rows 8-9: Leaving a 6" empennage, locomote to C and repetition Rows 6-7.
Rows 10-11: Leaving a 6" shadower, transfer to D and iterate Rows 6-7.
Row 12: Leaving a 6" process, interchange to A, ch 1, twist, sc in apiece st
crossways, sc in top of ch-4.
Rows 13-14: Ch 1, lag, sc in each st crosswise.
Rows 15-16: Leaving a 6" ending, move to B, ch 1, channelize, sc in apiece
sc across.
Fix off.

Cut 12" lengths of contrasting colours of yarn to add to durable formalwear.
Twinned emblem with row tails, crease lengths in half. Apiece Fringe
should human 6 strands. Support folded end of lengths finished each
row end. Deplumate ends of lengths and endless eveningwear finished folded end.
Thread in ends.


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