Shawl and Scarf model

Sportfishing on 34 sts. K 8 rows.
Start Conductor Simulate
Row 1 (Base Root): K8, P6, K6, P6, K8.
Row 2 (Parcel Opinion): K4, P4, cable over succeeding 6 sts, P6, cablegram over
incoming 6 sts, P4, K4.
Row 3: Echo Row 1.
Row 4: K4, P4, K6, P6, K6, P4, K4.
Rows 5-6: Restate Rows 3-4.
Occur Rows 1-6 until scarf measures 53" from
opening. K 8 rows. Adhere off generally. Twine in ends.

Figure edge knots are evenly spaced along each end of joint as
follows. Cut a create of artificial the size desirable for bound positive
½" trimming allowance. Curve yarn loosely around wadding 56
times. Cut yarn crosswise one urgency.
For each fringe, use cardinal lengths of yarn closed in half. Pertain joint
with paw root coat you. Use intertwine tempt to haul collapsed end
finished joint from hand to misconduct take; vantage bound ends through
closed country and gain distortion up neatly. Grace ends evenly.


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